Organizational Consulting

In addition to his expertise in the field of forensic psychiatry Dr. Lubit holds a Ph.D. from Harvard University, has taught organizational consulting at Baruch, College in New York City, served as a member of Price Waterhouse Cooper’s organizational consulting division, and worked with numerous organizations and executives to improve efficiency.


Dr Lubit is also the author of Dealing With Toxic Managers,

Subordinates … and other difficult people, published by FT

Press, and received with favorable reviews. “In Coping with Toxic

Managers, psychiatrist and organizational consultant Dr. Roy Lubit

shows you how to develop your emotional intelligence and protect

yourself and your organization from the destructive impact of toxic

managers. While there are many organizational consultants who

utilize psychological insights in their work and psychologists who

consult to organizations, Dr. Lubit’s depth of training and experience

in psychiatry, organizational behavior and organizational consulting

provides a basis for unique insights.